jueves, 1 de mayo de 2008

Pain and nostalgia as time killers

I have thought a lot about the theme of time. Time is always something that escapes us, that we can waste easily if we are not careful . We waste time thinking about things we cannot change, and neglect the things that we do.
We waste time on people who don't think of us at all. We drown ourselves in nostalgia, in creating threads from the past, we waste time watching too much television. We waste time, just by passing the time for our boredom.
And being lazy, we waste a lot of time
I have always been a lazy person, my best friend told me yesterday " you ooze out laziness, the way you walk, the way you talk, it's like you are lazy to do anything". I never thought of my laziness as anything but a minor impediment in my life, but now I see how much of a detriment it has been...I take the easy way out, the one that requires the least effort, and in so doing I complicate my life way too much.
But the question is why am I lazy? What causes me to be lazy? I have no idea.
My am I reflective lately.

When we go through changes and severe pain, we tend to reassess our lives and our priorities. We try to see what and how things went awry. Picking up the pieces makes us who we are , and if we had it easy in our lives it just wouldn't make sense.
So time is always good when we learn...and when

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