jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2007

facing facebook

its kind of bizarre how different the net has become over the years. Before people really relished on being anonymous hiding behind random Usernames, blanketing their true selves under a different demise. In the cyber world you could be anything and anyone the possiblities were endless.
But then blogging happened, and Webcams and then Youtube and Facebook and myspace... and the rules changed even in businesses people started to become transparent.

Honesty? Probably
Facebook now boasts people in weird poses becoming a basic caricature of themselves, making it almost a parody. We all know who broke up who ate what cereal and where they live. It seems that we even see the minutest fault and i wonder why do people do this, what is the point? It might seem that we know these people that they matter, but in the end there are a choice few who are there to pick up the pieces
People find it strange how little information I give out on the net , but really I find that even diary writing to be a bit much. Perhaps it is a generational thing but why become so exposed to everyone in such an apparent and obvious way? Why become so exposed?
But for you, the person who listened forever and still is there , thanks

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