martes, 29 de enero de 2008

I am a slave for you

Damn them apples.

Mac sure has a really good marketing campaign. It really is true once you go Mac you never go back. I remember when I wanted my first Mac, it was those first blue and white ones, which seemed really cool at the time, but seems kind of late boxy nineties now. It was teal but alas, at the last moment they went and bought me the Sony Vaio. Damn them!

After that i was Anti Mac, however when I purchased my IBook G4 i was psyched...although still a bit weary.
Needless to say the system takes some time to get used to , but once you think like a Mac, it is hard to go back to the PC way of thinking. You just can't. Despite the monopolization of their parts, and the really annoying way you have to do everything Apple I still prefer them a thousand times over.

I just got the IPOD Touch, which to be honest i never would have done a couple of years back.
Its a great little piece of equipment but it has some little things like it would be nice to install yahoo messenger in there, but prob when it gets patented... and the battery doesn't really last that long.
That said, it si a beautiful machine...

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mauxito dijo...

i'm slave for macs toooooo!!! jajajajajajajaj